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About Us

Ozark Oak Flooring is at the fore front of the hardwood flooring industry and has served the St. Louis metro area since 1986. Whether you are planning to install a new hardwood floor or refinish your existing floors, Ozark Oak Flooring is the only call you need to make in the in St. Louis metro area.

At Ozark Oak Flooring we specialize in hardwood floor installation and refinishing but also offer a full range of services to accommodate your hardwood flooring needs in the St. Louis area.

This includes: floor installations, exotic woods, stains, and board replacement. Ozark Oak Flooring is ready to handle your project! We also offer a variety of different finishes including the less toxic and highly durable Waterborne finish. Wood flooring comes with many benefits over traditional carpeted floors.

Wood floors, if properly maintained can last well over 100 years. Unlike carpet which may have to be replaced every 5 years. Also, homes with wood floors have less allergens. Carpet can trap allergens and dust mites which can irritate people with allergies. Wood floors are also much easier to keep “truly” clean by simply sweeping and mopping. Also, wood flooring increases the value of your home and appreciates over time versus carpet which looks old and used is just a few years and has to be replaced. We pride ourselves on offering the best quality hardwood flooring installation and service in the St. Louis area. We bring years of experience to your home, as well as displaying high standards, solid work ethics, trustworthiness , and superior quality workmanship.

We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured to install, refinish, and service any kind of wood floors in Missouri and Illinois.

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